Fujisawa city Trial objectives

Fujisawa city carried out a number of trials in 2018 & 2019 to explore the use of UTA member technologies. Working with Keio University it explored a number of issues:

  • (1) Collect physical and virtual information about Fujisawa city by leveraging a variety of information resources such as IoT sensors, Web sensors or human sensors.
  • (2) Analyze the real-time collected data by comparing it with historical data.
    (3) Visualize the analyzed data to optimize the incidence on the local economy for stakeholders

A successful trial was held in 2019 which utilised a number of UTA partner technologies to provide a tool that allowed city staff in Fujisawa to gather information using tablet devices and to share that with city departments and staff – see figure below:


The app allowed a variety of different issues to be reported – ranging from Graffitti through road conditions to garbage collection issues.

All reported issues were uploaded (with appropriate photographs) from the tablet carried by the city officers, to a central database. The database was then used by a reporting service that allowed any city officer to look at issues, visualise them on a city map, analyse them and generate a set of reports for senior city staff.

The app was used by 65 city staff to report over 3500 issues during an extended period.



Overall the application was viewed as extremely beneficial for city operations, it reduced time to identify and address issues and reduced overall costs for operations. Fujisawa is currently evaluating how to incorporate similar technology into its daily operations.