Urban Technology Alliance rapidly expands


Urban Technology Alliance is coming to light! UTA provides city-scale testbeds to validate smart city solutions, not only from technical perspective but also from social and economic perspectives. Join UTA and learn from cities worldwide, access to UTA’s global smart city expertise, build strategic partnerships and showcase your innovative solution at UTA experimentation spaces!

Smart city is one of the important topics which concern today every urban citizen. Indeed, the world is facing a number of critical challenges such as global warming, economic crisis, security threats, inequality, natural disasters and ageing society. Urban areas are particularly affected, given that the world population is increasingly concentrated in those areas. This puts ever increasing demands and challenges on city infrastructures such as water, energy, public transportation, waste disposal, roads, bridges, parking, etc. Each city is unique. However today’s worldwide economic, social, environmental challenges are related. Many technical requirements are common and should be addressed globally.

Urban Technology Alliance (UTA), as a global non-profit organisation, is bringing together a complete smart city ecosystem including cities, industry, research institutions/universities, non-profit organizations, and citizens to enable cooperation, analyze requirements, develop and test solutions, and exchange best practices among cities all around the globe. UTA’s main differentiator is its focus on deployment and testing of smart city solutions in city scale testbeds. The mission of the UTA is to provide trustful, independent and neutral guidance to cities for their sustainable digital transformation enabling them to face today’s economic, social and environmental challenges. UTA members will network, build business partnerships, deploy and test concrete solutions in real-life environments and share best practices, lessons learned and success stories among members worldwide.

– Cities, let UTA accompany you in your digital transformation
– Industry, let UTA provide you with city-scale testbeds
– Researchers, let UTA provide you with real-life requirements

About 30 industrial and academic partners and 15 cities (from Europe, Asia and North America) have already confirmed their interest to be part of the initiative from its start. The alliance will be officially incorporated as a non-profit association. Stay tuned!