City Challenge: Fujisawa city


Fujisawa city parks department has recently introduced a Parks reporting app, used mainly by city staff (but also citizen groups) that can be used to report issues at city parks. The app provides a simple way for park officers to report issues such as broken equipment, maintenance required, eg pruning, grass cutting, etc, users comments, graffiti, damage,  etc. The city now has access to a significantly increased amount of data about parks and wishes to exploit that data to improve park management and its overall service.

Specific requirements

The city wishes to work with partners who can help it understand, analyse and better use city park information. It wishes to improve service, reduce costs, and meet increased citizen demand. The city is open to proposals, but has a number of initial ideas on the typoes of analysis it would like. These include:

  • anticipate maintenance requests, both across similar parks, and during future periods of the year
    • eg grass cutting is usually a function of time of year moderated by weather. Can analysis predict which parks will need grass cutting and whimage3en. Can analysis provide an optimal schedule
  • equipment repair and replacement
    • can analysis highlight future equipment repairs based on past history
  • incident clustering – identify clusters of incidents that have similar characteristics and group them
    • often a single issue is reported several times by different staff/users – identify and merge these
  • Visualize data for easy situational awareness
    • Provide visualization tools to allow park management to quickly understand past and present performance
    • Provide drill down analysis of incidents and responses

Infrastructure/data available

The city has begun to use the Rakutoban application for incident reporting, this application can generate real-time incidents as well as historical data

  • Historical incident data 2018/19/20 detailing location of incidents, analysis by city staff and action taken.
  • Real-time incident data: location, classification, images etc
  • City park information: all city parks including type, size, facilities
  • Park equipment information: for each park, type of equipment, construction and condition report

Value to the city

The value to the city is threefold

  • Improved responsiveness – handling reports and incidents more quickly
  • Improved efficiency – reduce maintenance costs through pro-active repairs and actions
  • discover knowledge and integrate better into larger system IT systems