Urban Technology Alliance is pleased to announce that the the French company ExtraLabs recently joined its global network of smart city innovators.

ExtraLabs is a pioneering research company committed to overcoming the challenges of expensive citywide 3D digital twin creation. ExtraLabs’ primary focus is providing a cost-effective, high-recency 3D maps data source, liberating local governments from the cycle of costly aerial surveys.

ExtraLabs’ solution involves incentivizing LiDAR sensor owners—across telecom, surveying, delivery, and transport sectors—to share their data. ExtraLabs’ protocol seamlessly connects data consumers with providers, serving as a financial bridge for fair compensation distribution. This process ensures the transparent flow of funds from consumers to providers.

Powerful AI algorithms transform raw datasets into detailed models of buildings, neighbourhoods, cities, or countries. These algorithms not only ensure precision in the mapping process but also enable the capture of the dynamic nature of urban environments, accounting for changes over time. As a result, ExtraLabs provides not just static 3D models but living, evolving digital twins that accurately reflect the real-world complexity of the mapped areas. In addition, in collaboration with public and private organizations, ExtraLabs conducts iterative experiments, refining the protocol.

ExtraLabs’ solution propose to reshape the landscape of 3D mapping, making it accessible and impactful. (www.extralabs.xyz)

We look forward to collaborating with ExtraLabs in our future projects with the aim of fostering the widespread adoption of innovative smart city solutions.