Urban Technology Alliance is proud to announce that, starting from 1st January, 2024, the Belgian company, CrowdScan, will become a member of its global network of smart city innovators.

CrowdScan, a spin-off resulting from the collaboration between IMEC and the University of Antwerp (UAntwerp), specializes in crowd density measurement while prioritizing individual privacy. With the CrowdScan solution, one gains precise insights into the population density of a designated area during specific time intervals. Whether it’s enhancing retail dynamics in bustling shopping districts, improving safety measures at local events, or optimizing urban mobility, CrowdScan’s data emerges as a valuable asset for smart cities and their different departments.

What sets CrowdScan apart is its proprietary and patented technology. Remarkably, it circumvents the need for conventional surveillance methods such as cameras, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or reliance on mobile devices to glean accurate, real-time, and reliable crowd data. Instead, CrowdScan’s pioneering solution leverages sensors or nodes, orchestrated by a central gateway that configures the wireless sensor network, harnesses low-energy radio waves, and employs cloud servers for comprehensive data processing and visualization.

Noteworthy attributes of this innovative solution include its cost-effectiveness, user-friendly installation, and, most importantly, its unwavering commitment to privacy, ensuring a 100% privacy-friendly approach.

We look forward to collaborating with CrowdScan in our future projects with the aim of fostering the widespread adoption of innovative smart city solutions.