Who are we?

A vibrant community of important international smart city players
Initial testbed cities:

Grenoble, Taipei, Busan, Daejeon, Santander and many others are joining in the coming days (Fujisawa, Mitaka, Saitama, Tsukuba, La Coruña, Changshu, Houston, and many more …)

Prestigious institutions, experts in smart cities: CEA, Knowledge Capital, Keio University, KAIST, University of Tsukuba, Osaka University, etc. Continuously growing community…

Large international tech companies, network operators, device vendors, integrators, innovative SMEs and startups, law firms, consulting firms, insurance companies, artists, designers, etc.

Worldwide testing environment for smart city solutions
What is UTA’s main mission?
Bringing relevant stakeholders together to test and validate smart city solutions
What is UTA and what is it not?
  • UTA is a non-profit international association, headquartered in France
  • UTA is a structured, neutral and trustworthy organization to enable the essential phase before the large scale deployment of smart city solutions: testing and validation
  • UTA is technology agnostic, ready to promote any relevant smart city solution
  • UTA welcomes any type of smart city stakeholder, represented equally at the board level (large industry, SME, cities and non-profits)
  • UTA is NOT a standardization body but does recommend standards and reference architectures
  • UTA is NOT a funding authority but provides information and networking 
for national and international funding opportunities
What does UTA do and deliver?

Bring relevant stakeholders together to organize pilot deployments 
and trials in the member cities for proof of concept validation

  • Share best-practices, success stories, business cases, lessons learnt, evaluation studies and testbed reports within the UTA community

Provide technical and non-technical guidelines and methodology 
for implementing trials

  • Recommend reference architectures, integration plans, standards, KPIs and sustainability metrics

Build a technology/community agnostic marketplace, create strategic partnerships

  • Provide a one-stop showcase of smart city solutions
How does UTA deliver?
Technical WG

Build reference architectures and integration plans

Business WG

Create partnerships, find funding opprtunities

Sustainability WG

Define metrics for technical and economic sustainability

Testbed WG

Build teams and organise trial deployments in city testbeds

Social WG

Deal with social aspects such as ethics, privacy, design and art