Why join UTA?

Cities, let UTA accompany you in your digital transformation
City Pains
  • Cities are lost and confused within the crowded smart city landscape with many technologies, stakeholders, …
  • No or limited time/resources to explore the technological smart city developments/innovation
  • Technology push solutions do not address the real needs of the cities
  • Fear of risk taking, heavy public procurement process, vendor lock-in, non-evolutive, inflexible solutions, with high maintenance costs
UTA pain reliever
  • UTA provides comprehensible, trustworthy and neutral guidance from world leading institutions
  • UTA is one stop showcase for world best innovation in the smart city domain; discover what’s going on in other cities in the planet
  • UTA gives you the floor: raise your voice for real needs; validate smart city solutions before adoption
  • UTA provides a neutral playing field, possibility of testing before procurement, thus reducing risks; promotes openness and collaboration with flexible solutions avoiding vendor lock-in.
Industry, let UTA provide you with city scale testbeds
Smart City Industry Pains
UTA pain reliever
Wrong design, architectural, implementation choices, failures due to the lack of experimentation space to validate proofs of concept
For small industry, no or little investment capacity on which to build their innovation
For large industry, big effort necessary to promote their investment and create ecosystem around their product
Difficulties to reach out city authorities, capture their real needs and requirements, lack of communication and mutual understanding
UTA allows you participating in testbeds with the member cities to validate your technical and business concept in real life conditions
UTA brings you physical experimentation spaces, industrial infrastructures, open platforms and tools to build and test your innovation on top
UTA empowers you with a international growing vibrant community with great business opportunities
UTA brings cities on board giving them the opportunity to express their real needs and concerns
Researchers, let UTA provide you with real-life requirements
Academy & NPO pains
  • Difficulties of identifying real and actual city needs and related research challenges
  • Lack of experimentation space for validating novel concepts, models and algorithms
  • Missing support for exploitation of research results and NPOs’ findings
  • Crowded landscape for both NPOs and academy making it difficult to reach out the right target
UTA pain reliever
  • UTA puts researchers in direct contact with cities enabling them capturing city requirements
  • UTA provides close to real life operational environments to test and validate novel concepts
  • UTA provides a forum to transfer knowledge to industry and build partnerships
  • UTA gathers key stakeholders in the smart city domain and facilitates dissemination activities of their members