Urban Technology Alliance is pleased to announce that the French advisory and consultancy company, Caspera-Lab, has recently joined its global network of smart city experts and innovators.

With offices in Paris and New York, Caspera-Lab is dedicated to helping cities embark on or accelerate their digital transformation journey. Founded by five international experts with extensive professional networks and skills in strategy, R&D, operations, and business management, Caspera-Lab is committed to driving sustainability and digital innovation in the corporate and municipal sectors.

Caspera-Lab has a comprehensive methodology, cutting-edge tools, and efficient working models to help clients successfully navigate their digital transformation journeys and launch impactful projects. Measurement, Recommendations, Transformation and Iteration: blending benchmarking with its vast expertise, Caspera helps organizations gauge their transformation maturity level. From comprehensive studies to high-level conferences, Caspera helps educate and ignite passion in teams, management, and leadership. Once the vision is crystal clear and the groundwork is set, Caspera helps ignite transformation projects.

Caspera is committed to contributing to building a future where organizations flourish with more data, harnessing the potential of technology to elevate their operations, sustainability, and overall performance.

We look forward to collaborating with Caspera-Lab on our future projects with the aim of fostering the widespread adoption of innovative smart city solutions.