Smart City Events in 2023

Energy Data Summit Europe

  • Brussels (Belgium), 6 December 2023

As 2024 approaches, using data to empower the transformation of the energy sector is becoming critical to all players. Opendatasoft, E.DSO, and GEODE have teamed up for an exclusive event to empower energy sector transformation with data.

European energy players now have to deliver within a radically different regulatory, consumer, societal and business environment. This requires transformation and digitization. The shift can only happen through data sharing, making data accessible and easy to use by all, both inside and outside organisations, without requiring deep technical skills.

On December 6 at 1:30pm CET, join your peers from across the European energy sector (including Distribution System Operators (DSOs), Transmission System Operators (TSOs) and energy producers) to gain expert insights, shape your strategy and network with industry leaders.Connect with your industry colleagues and be empowered to drive transformative change in your organisation through data-centric approaches.


RegionalkonferenzRegensburg: Räume neu denken

  • Regensburg (Germany), 6 December 2023

The event presents a diverse and engaging program for attendees. Explore the initiatives like the Model Project Smart Cities (MPSC) Regensburg and discover innovative real-world examples. Thought-provoking discussions and panel sessions will explore queries such as: “What drives the need for municipal intelligence?” and “Is the concept of smart cities essential for collaborative spatial development and efficient space utilization?“. 

Workshops will provide in-depth insights into topics like the spatial influence of co-creativity, governance within smart cities, and collaborative efforts among municipalities.

Furthermore, seize the opportunity to meet the on-site Start Smart team, offering complimentary initial consultations for unfunded municipalities and facilitating peer learning sessions alongside model projects. The event is organised by the Coordination and Transfer Office for Smart Cities Model Projects (KTS) on behalf of the Federal Ministry of Housing, Urban Development, and Building (BMWSB).After the official proceedings, MPSC Regensburg extends a warm invitation for an excursion to the nearby city warehouse, followed by a casual get-together.



Some Smart City events in 2024 


9th Smart Cities India Expo

  • New Delhi (India), 17-19 January, 2024

The Smart Cities India expo is a showcase of India’s emerging modernization and developing landscape. The expo showcases the integration of transformative technologies with the key pillars of urban development, i.e., Green Buildings, Rooftop Solar, Renewable and clean energy, Clean Environment, Clean Water, Water Conservation, Urban Mobility, and the use of Smart ICT solutions for optimizing resources that make cities smart and sustainable.

The expo, taking place from January 17-19, 2024 in New Delhi, expects participation from over 55,000 industry visitors, over 1,200 manufacturing brands and tech companies from 40+ countries, 350 startups, and over 200 senior Government officials, industry leaders, Smart City CEOs, city planners, Mayors, Ambassadors, and stakeholders from India and around the globe.


eMobility Expo World Congress 2024

  • Valencia (Spain), 13 February 2024

The eMobility Expo World Congress positions itself as a pivotal event driving the evolution of the eMobility sector, playing a key role in shaping the sustainability of transportation.

Against the backdrop of Europe’s commitment to becoming the first climate-neutral continent by 2050, the EU has implemented various strategies to align the mobility sector with broader sustainability goals. However, recent global economic and political shifts have influenced this strategy, and economic inflation within Europe has prompted adjustments in the operational landscape of certain industries.

Within the context of these challenges and opportunities, the eMobility Expo World Congress serves as a platform where innovative solutions and the latest trends converge. The event seeks to foster a comprehensive understanding of sustainable mobility, bringing together diverse perspectives and insights to navigate the complexities of the evolving eMobility landscape.


Smart City Asia 2023

  • Ho Chi Minh city (Vietnam), 17-19 April 2024

Smart City Asia is the largest B2B Exhibition on technology in Vietnam, bringing together the leading domestic and international corporations and companies in the field of Technology, Smart City Solutions.


Urbis Smart City Fair 2024

  • Brno (Czech Republic), 4-6 June 2024

Urbis Smart City Fair brings a combination of the fair with an exclusive conference program, which will introduce the leaders in the field of Smart city. Over the course of three days, dozens of representatives of Central European cities and municipalities and leaders in innovation will meet with a single goal – to share experiences, ideas and examples of concrete solutions on how to properly develop the concept of Smart City in cities. So that the citizens can live better in them.

In 2024, the Urbis Smart City Fair and the ongoing Future Mobility project are part of the European Mobility Week.


Urban Future Global Conference 2024

  • Rotterdam (Netherlands), 5-7 June 2024

Rotterdam is a city where growth and sustainability go hand-in-hand. 

With over 170 nationalities, the city has a diverse, unique vibe and a long history as a pioneer in urban transformations.

In Rotterdam, the local government, business industry and knowledge institutions work successfully and closely together. A great example of such collaboration is the Rotterdam Climate Agreement, signed by the city’s government and more than one hundred companies and organisations.

A sustainable future: Rotterdam – the second biggest Dutch city and the home to Europe’s largest port – is efficiently transitioning to a circular economy with smart city structure.During the #UrbanFuture conference week, the city is eager to share its knowledge and discover new ideas from other cities. This aligns perfectly with the character of Rotterdam and the essence of Urban Future. We can’t wait to explore it together at #UF24.


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