Urban Technology Alliance is pleased to announce that the Irish company, RealSim, has recently joined its global network of smart city experts and innovators.

Founded in 2008, RealSim is dedicated to bringing clarity and insight into how we shape the world around us. By merging the latest advances in real-time 3D rendering technology, high-resolution 3D mapping, and architectural models, RealSim offers planning city officials, and the general public unrivaled insights into the built environment.

RealSim’s City models simulate both current and potential future environments from unlimited perspectives, providing a comprehensive understanding of urban and rural landscapes. Their Environment Information Models (EIMs) integrate 3D mapping, architectural, and engineering information into virtual reality simulations, equipped with intuitive spatial and lighting analysis tools. These simulations serve planning authorities, developers, architects, and engineers by delivering accurate, objective answers to environmental change questions.

The precision and spatial fidelity of RealSim’s simulations are grounded in high-

quality 2D and 3D aerial mapping data. They offer a range of mapping solutions to meet various needs and budgets, from off-the-shelf survey data to custom ultra-high-resolution drone surveys. Their urban and rural environment simulations are highly detailed, catering to specific project requirements from simple block shapes to complex architectural and engineering structures, based on mapping data, 2D CAD plans, or sketch drawings.

RealSim’s offline EIM platform leverages the real-time rendering power of game engine technology, providing user-friendly spatial and lighting analysis tools suitable for both technical and non-technical decision-makers. Additionally, their online environment viewer stands out as the most powerful public and stakeholder consultation tool developed to date, with customizable tools available to meet specific project needs.

We look forward to collaborating with RealSim on future projects to foster the widespread adoption of innovative smart city solutions.