Smart City Events in 2023

Smart CIty Expo USA

  • New York CIty (USA), 3-4 October 2023

Smart City Expo USA 2023 is a 2-day conference and expo in New York City focused on building smart, equitable, and sustainable 21st century cities for ALL. It is the U.S. edition of Smart City Expo World Congress, the leading event for cities from Fira Barcelona.

The main topics covered this years include data-driven cities; Fintech, inclusive finance ; Data to advance equality in healthcare; Generative A.I. : automating city services; Safe and sustainable mobility; Heatwaves, combatting climate change; IoT, digital privacy and citizen trust; Urban farming, addressing food deserts.


+CityxChange Final event with Scalable Cities

  • Trondheim (Norway), 5-6 October 2023

The +CityxChange is a pan-European project supporting the European Union’s ambitious vision of creating positive energy cities – those that generate more energy than they use.

The aim of the project, is to create positive energy blocks within two ‘lighthouse’ cities and then roll out the learning and solutions across five other European cities. This will establish a blueprint for creating energy positive urban environments, essentially co-creating solutions to global-scale challenges at the local level.

This final event is aimed sharing implementation experiences and lessons learned from the project.

Central to the event will be discussions surrounding the 11 Demonstration Projects undertaken during the +CxC project, which fall into the following 3 categories:

  • Enabling a common energy market
  • Creating connected communities
  • Recommendations for new policy interventions, market regulations and business models


European Week of Regions

  • Brussels (Belgium), 9-12 October 2023

The European Week of Regions and Cities is the biggest annual Brussels-based event dedicated to cohesion policy. It has grown to become a neutral platform to discuss common challenges for Europe’s regions and cities by bringing together a diverse community of speakers and participants. In 2022 reached a record number of almost 20.000 participants, 272 sessions and 528 partners.

The purpose of the European Regions Week is:

  • To discuss common challenges for Europe’s regions and cities and examine possible solutions by bringing together politicians, decision-makers, experts and practitioners of cohesion policy, as well as stakeholders from business, banking, civil society organisations, academia, the EU institutions and the media
  • To provide a platform for capacity-building, learning and exchange of experience and good practice for those implementing EU cohesion policy and managing its financial instruments
  • To facilitate cooperation and networking between regions and cities
  • To feed into the debate on EU cohesion policy in a wider context, including recent research and views from third countries and international organisations



  • Lisbon (Portugal), 10-12 October 2023

The Portugal Smart Cities Summit gathers leading cities, experts, start-ups and companies in the field of digital platforms, mobility or sustainability with the objective of incorporating these areas into a coherent city development. The event is thought as a place of convergence and a physical marketplace, creating opportunities for the national and international market.


Smart CIty Expo Shanghai

  • Shanghai (China), 12-14 October 2023

Smart City Expo Shanghai (SCESH) is a 2-day conference and expo, which is part of the Smart City Expo Abroad events community and of the international events of Fira Barcelona International. SCESH represents a unique event platform in Asia that is held annually.

The headline conference platform of SCESH, the ‘Global Smart City Cooperation & Development Summit (GSC Summit) 2023’ will focus on intelligent urban ecological development and digital transformation.

At the GSC Summit 2022, Municipal Government leaders and representatives from China, Germany, Japan, Spain, Thailand, the United Arab Emirates and Vietnam delivered speeches on their Smart City plans and achievements. 

This year, the conference will invite ten cities (Beijing, Chengdu, Suzhou, Wushu, Macao, Barcelona, Jakarta, Rotterdam, Casablanca and Busan) to champion the Smart City. Each ‘Guest City’ will integrate their city leader’s speech with business representatives’ speeches and city presentations to showcase their accomplishments in urban smart construction covering three distinct areas.


European Urban Resilience Forum (EURESFO)

  • Cascais (Portugal), 18-20 October 2023

Since 2013, EURESFO has been a unique exchange platform for city representatives, experts and stakeholders from local and regional institutions to discuss strategies, initiatives and actions for adapting to climate change, managing disasters and building urban resilience. The event is a European initiative driven by ICLEI Local Governments for Sustainability and the European Environment Agency (EEA), and will now be co-organised with the City of Cascais for the 2023 edition. Previous partners, such as the Resilient Cities Network and the United Nations Office for Disaster Risk Reduction are back to support the programme development as well.

The 2023 programme will be developed along 3 main thematic streams:

  • The governance of the new extremes: managing and funding climate adaptation in Europe.
  • Challenging knowledge and innovation: accelerating a resilient and just transformation.
  • Mainstreaming solutions for a just transformative pathway: an integrated approach to climate resilience.


Global Mobility Call 2023

  • Madrid (Spain), 24-26 October 2023

The Global Mobility Call is an international event on Sustainable Mobility of People and Goods that connects all industries and stakeholders, with the aim of generating experiences, networking and business between Companies, City Councils, Institutions, Administrations and other organizations.

It was conceived to promote collaboration between companies and generate public-private partnerships that contribute to the development of the new Sustainable Mobility in cities and rural areas.

The Global Mobility Call connects 13 business sectors and different levels of management creating new business opportunities and enriching networking.


RE-energising Europe 

(Discussions, high-level panels, poster session and field visit organised by 7 EU-funded projects)

  • Brussels (Belgium), 24-25 October 2023

The event is bringing together speakers from EU institutions, project representatives and key players of the energy market. 

Key topics related to energy in Europe will be tackled including but not limited to: 

  • community energy, 
  • energy efficiency, 
  • multiple benefits, 
  • women-led initiatives, 
  • energy behaviour and 
  • new trends of energy consumption (digitalisation, circular economy and more). 

This two-day event, co-organised by W4RES and 6 EU-funded projects (Horizon2020) and over 100 organisations partnering in them, is a unique opportunity for many to meet, hear from the research developed in the past 3 years and openly discuss with panels of speakers from within and outside the projects.


Intelligent Cities Exhibition & Conference 2023 (ICEC)

  • Cairo (Egypt), 30-31 October 2023

This two day exhibition and conference brings together over 4,000 senior level decision makers and over 6,000 participants to discuss and showcase the latest technologies, sustainable solutions and products as well as best practices on managing and building the cities of tomorrow.

ICEC is backed by industry leaders and is the ideal platform to gain insight on how to generate significant returns by turning your development into an intelligent sustainable city. The conference is dedicated to promoting knowledge sharing and networking opportunities while the exhibition space allows participants to showcase their innovations, technologies and products to key decision makers.


Smart City Day

  • Neuchatel (Switzerland), 31 October 2023

The Smart City Day brings together all the relevant actors of the “smart city” ecosystem for municipalities and cantons in Switzerland. The organization of the event allows everyone to share reflections and strategies, highlight best practices, and raise awareness among local and international stakeholders. The event serves as a platform for cross-disciplinary exchange and networking.

Every year, decision-makers from Swiss municipalities, cantons, economic sectors, and academia participate in the event. Its success since its inception in 2014 has established it as a benchmark event in Switzerland.


Smart Country Convention 

  • Berlin (Germany), 7 November 2023

The Smart Country Convention is Germany’s largest congress for the digitization in the public sector. As a driving force for the future of a modern public administration and smart cities, SCCON is a must for all key players who want to drive the digital change.

The convention focus on the successful digitization of federal, state and local authorities. Top representatives from administration, politics and science, pioneers of the digital economy, hidden champions and local industry heads show how they mastering the challenges of digitization and provide sustainable strategies for the future.

National and international speakers will provide a mixture of expert knowledge, some inspiration and new ideas on the digital transformation of the public sector. The curated Expo makes digital solutions and applications tangible for visitors – digitization to touch. In interactive workshops and seminars, participants get the chance to experience trend-setting topics and to receive digital know-how. Networking areas and Side Events offer numerous touch points to make valuable contact with relevant people.


Smart City Expo World Congress

  • Barcelona (Spain), 7-9 November 2023

Held in Barcelona since 2011, Smart City Expo World Congress is the world’s biggest and most influential event for cities and urban innovation. Every year, Smart City Expo gather leaders from the most innovative companies, governments and organizations to move cities towards a better future. The goal is to collectivize urban innovation across the globe and empower cities to face the critical challenges the world faces today.

The Smart City Expo World Congress declared mission is to accelerate a brighter urban paradigm towards green, efficient and thriving cities that leave no one behind.



  • Oulu (Finland), 16-17 November 2023

The POWER UP YOUR CITY summit is an event dedicated to adopting carbon-free energy solutions and driving positive change in urban environments. It explore the transformative concept of Positive Energy Districts (PEDs) and their potential to create sustainable and energy-positive communities.

PEDs go beyond traditional sustainability measures by generating more energy than they consume. Through cutting-edge technologies, renewable sources, and efficient infrastructure, PEDs redefine energy consumption in cities. 

The goal, At the POWER UP YOUR CITY summit, is to provide a comprehensive understanding of PEDs and equip participants with the knowledge and tools for this journey. Drawing on the experiences of MAKING-CITY lighthouses Oulu, Finland, and Groningen, Netherlands, PED implementation, best practices and lessons learned will be discussed.



Some Smart City events in 2024 


9th Smart Cities India Expo

  • New Delhi (India), 17-19 January, 2024


Smart City Asia 2023

  • Ho Chi Minh city (Vietnam), 17-19 April 2024


Urbis Smart City Fair 2024

  • Brno (Czech Republic), 4-6 June 2024

URBIS SMART CITY FAIR brings a combination of the fair with an exclusive conference program, which will introduce the leaders in the field of Smart city. Over the course of three days, dozens of representatives of Central European cities and municipalities and leaders in innovation will meet with a single goal – to share experiences, ideas and examples of concrete solutions on how to properly develop the concept of Smart City in cities. So that the citizens can live better in them.

In 2024, the URBIS SMART CITY FAIR and the ongoing FUTURE MOBILITY project are part of the European Mobility Week.


Urban Future Global Conference 2024

  • Rotterdam (Netherlands), 5-7 June 2024


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