Urban Technology Alliance (UTA) recently had the opportunity of participating in the International Smart City Exposition and Networking Engagement (iSCENE), Cauayan City, Philippines. This event provided a valuable platform for UTA to present its activities, its network, and match-making capabilities, underscoring UTA’s commitment to fostering smart and sustainable urban development.

About iSCENE 24
iSCENE brings together national and regional chief executives, government leaders, industries, and business players for knowledge-sharing, connection, and network-building. It aims to promote innovative solutions essential for creating smarter and sustainable communities in the Philippines. The event is a highlight of Cauayan City’s Smarter City and SDG Day, which commemorates the city’s recognition as the First Smarter City of the Philippines by the Department of Science and Technology (DOST) in 2015. 

The event featured discussions, sharing of best practices, and strategies for implementing the Smart and Sustainable Communities Framework of DOST, aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). International and national speakers, along with industry partners, showcased various innovative solutions aimed at fostering sustainable urban development.

UTA’s Contribution
Building on its experience in Smart City projects and collaborations, UTA presented models for building resilient urban landscapes and shared its insights and expertise in fostering smart and sustainable communities. UTA’s participation included exploring potential partnerships and the benefits of engaging in business matching opportunities, highlighting UTA’s commitment to leveraging technology and collaboration for urban progress.

Event Highlights
iSCENE provided the opportunity to establish partnerships, launch projects, share knowledge, and showcase innovative research and technological advancements. The Leader’s Forum gathered changemakers from ASEAN countries to discuss key topics relevant to smarter and sustainability programs. Additionally, the event featured reverse pitching sessions simulating partnerships among Local Government Units (LGU), Higher Education Institutions (HEI), DOST, and industry players to establish a startup ecosystem.

Future Collaborations
The collaboration between Cauayan City and UTA during iSCENE has opened the door to engaging with the South-East Asian Smart City ecosystem. This engagement is expected to yield promising outcomes in understanding the region’s specific Smart City challenges and perspectives. 

UTA looks forward to continuing its engagement with Cauayan City and the region to contribute to the development of communities that thrive in harmony with their environment and inhabitants, where innovation drives progress and sustainability is the cornerstone of urban development.