Vancouver Canada – smarter by design

What we offer

Metro Vancouver is one of the fastest growing regions in North America and acts as Canada’s gateway to Asia. With a vibrant startup community and some of the best universities in Canada it is harnessing Smart City technologies to grow the economy and enrich the lives of citizens.

Urban Opus acts as a facilitator and convener, bringing together stakeholders to explore the use of new technologies to meet Metro Vancouver’s Smart City Goals.

Technical capabilities

Urban Opus runs a project hub consisting of technologies and capabilities that facilitate Smart City experimentation.

Project building: Urban Opus will work with you to identify and engage stakeholders and city officials to help your project succeed.

Technologies: Urban Opus provides a smart city platform, a data broker and a suite of software tools to help you kickstart your project

Hackathons and workshops: Urban Opus organizes workshops and hackathons which can be used to introduce your ideas or technologies to interested stakeholders


Key Projects

  • Urban Opus Data Broker: going beyond open data, the Data Broker aims to provide support for trading and sharing or proprietary and citizen data.
  • Deep Dive: developing a platform and tools for advanced urban analytics.
  • Community Locus: a suite of apps designed to put citizens at the forefront of the city. Ranging from the shared economy to citizen news the apps engage and promote civic activities
  • Humanity Housing: working with city officials, Humanity Housing is using technology to help front line workers deal with drug and homeless issues.

Smart City Focus

Greener City: Vancouver targets economic growth while aiming to be the world’s greenest city. Currently ranked #3 in the world it prioritizes green energy, smart transportation and zero waste and CO2.